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My husband and I are a young, growing, Christian, military family. My husband is a Captain in The United States Marine Corps. I am a former Elementary school teacher. We are first time parents to a beautiful little two year old boy, with twin boys on the way! I am a stay at home Marine wife, who loves to bake, cook, sew and craft! I enjoy being a Domestic Engineer. The purpose of this blog is to document the story of our life and adventures as they take place.

We are honored to be serving our country and ask for prayer in our upcoming adventures. We have been blessed tremendously, and thank God everyday for all he has given us!





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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Sick Bug

Hello friends! Well I have been absent from my blog for the past week because the sick bug has been an unwelcome visitor here at our house! About two weeks ago, on my husband's birthday, I came down with a bad case of the stomach flu! Since the fifteenth of July we have been battling this bug and passing it throughout the family. Praise God the twins have not been sick! When I first came down with the dreaded stomach flu, I was in no shape to make a birthday for Rich. My mama came to the rescue! Mom came and brought gifts a pie and decorations... bless her. A few days later I was feeling a little better, but I received a call from Rich. Rich said he was at work and vomiting with a fever and bad flu symptoms. Uh oh! I loaded all three kids in the car and took them to my mom's house where I thought they would be safe from this awful flu! Well not more than ten minutes after I had dropped the kids off , my phone rang and my Mom said Robbie was vomiting! Oh no... I turned the car around to pick him up and leave the twins. By the time I got back to my mom's house she was sick and vomiting with a temp of 102. Oh my goodness what a nightmare!!! I took the three children and myself and checked into the Hilton hotel because I didn't want to expose them to Rich or my Mom. It gets worse! My mom calls me at the hotel the next morning to check on me and said that my dad was now ill with the same bug! Really!!! This flu hit us all HARD!!! It really was the sickest I have ever been! Worse than morning sickness while pregnant with the twins! Our pediatrician said this flu is highly contagious and takes a good two weeks to get over! We warned everyone to keep their distance and I have been wearing a mask when feeding, changing the twins.... oh and did I mention Jacob is teething ! Which means lots of crying, chewing and drooling.
Just when I thought the coast was clear and we are finally all over this flu, I just got off the phone this morning with my poor mother in law, Carla who has now been plagued with this awful flu. Carla had been hospitalized this weekend for dehydration due to the flu and a high fever. Both of my in laws have been so sick all weekend and are still ill with this demon flu. Please keep them in your prayers!!! I hope you all stay well dear readers. Take your vitamin C, keep hydrated, get lots of sleep and stay away from this sick bug.
Blessings and Health,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

God Can Use You!

Good morning! We are having mat time and playing with Play Dough right now.

 I wanted to share a little something to brighten your day! Yesterday morning, while driving in the car on our way to swimming lessons, I heard something powerful on the Christian radio station!

Do you ever doubt that God can use you for His glory?
Open your heart, invite Him in and change your ways. There is hope! Think on this... 

God Can Use You

"There are many reasons why God shouldn't have called you to share His gospel.

But don't worry. You're in good company . . .

Moses stuttered.

David's armor didn't fit.
John Mark was rejected by Paul.

Timothy had ulcers.

Hosea's wife was a prostitute.

Amos' only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning.

Jacob was a liar.

David had an affair.

Solomon was too rich.

Jesus was too poor.

Abraham was too old.

David was too young.

Peter was afraid of death.

Lazarus was dead.

John was self-righteous.

Naomi was a widow.

Paul was a murderer.

So was Moses.

Jonah ran from God.

Miriam was a gossip.

Gideon and Thomas both doubted.

Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.

Elijah was burnt out.

John the Baptist was an introvert.

Martha was a worry-wart.

Mary was lazy.

Samson had long hair.

Noah got drunk.

Did I mention that Moses had a short fuse?

So did Peter, Paul -- well, lots of folks did.

But God doesn't require perfection.

He doesn't look at financial gain or loss.

He's not prejudiced or partial, not judging, grudging, sassy, or brassy, not deaf to our cry, not blind to our need.

As much as we try, God's gifts are free.

We could do wonderful things for wonderful people and still not be . . .


Satan says, "You're not worthy." Jesus says, " . . . I AM."

Satan looks back and sees our mistakes.

God looks back and sees the cross.

He doesn't calculate what you did in '98. Sure. There are lots of reasons why God shouldn't have called us.

But if we love Him,

if we hunger for Him more than our next breath,

He'll use us in spite of who we are, where we've been, or what we look like.

Pray that as Christians, we will step out of our limitations into the illimitable nature of who God is.

Then our passion for God and our passion to communicate with Him will make mincemeat of our limitations."

Author Unknown

I think this is such a good reminder to us that the Lord can use ANY of us to do his work... all we have to do is ask Him to come into our life, live for Him, turn from our old ways and follow Him with all that we have!
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Should Be Sleeping

I should be sleeping, it's three in the morning, I repeat it's 3:00 a.m and sadly I can NOT fall asleep! All of the Christensen babies have been asleep for hours... since 8:45 p.m really. Rich and I spent the evening getting all caught-up with a season of one of our favorite shows on Netflix. I have been knitting away these past few days, (can I just share how much I LOVE knitting!). We spent the early afternoon at the pool as a family while Robbie had his swim lesson. Between Gigi and my dear friend Amanda taking photos, we now have a few more captured memories on record of the day's swim festivities!

Both kiddos were pretty excited over their new goggles!
Projects On My Mind
Toy Organization {Ikea Trofast system}
I have had a few, "around the house" projects on my mind. I want to... no, HAVE to come up with a toy organization system for Robbie's toys! Seriously, they are taking over!

We are exploring the option of a corner butcher block in our kitchen on one side of the room.
Love this idea!

Well friends, that's it for tonight... or should I say today. Either way, I feel sleep in the air!
Goodnight/ morning! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Christensen Home

We have had an eventful last few days here at the Christensen home.
 Little girl knitting Christmas stocking.

Friday Night Knitting


On Friday, I had my first Friday Night Knitting Club. I invited a few girlfriends over to knit, chat, eat and enjoy each other's company. We had a blast and I am already getting started on my Christmas gifts. 

I told Rich I want to have a Homemade Christmas this year! Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas in July, but it just always seems to creep on me. :)


 Happy families begin with a marriage built on the Rock, Jesus!

On Saturday, Rich and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary!
 Wow! 6 years, 3 babies, one cat, seven moves and one deployment later and I love you more now than ever babe!
Happy Anniversary! Wish you were not away on a drill weekend. Here's to many more years, MORE babies, perhaps one more cat for Maverick, No More deployments and No More moves! God Bless you as our journey continues as you start law school in just a few weeks. As I said in my vows, " Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will follow you." Thank you for being such a good and Godly husband, a great father and my best friend. Thank you for always standing by me and putting me first. I love you. May we always praise the Lord together for His many blessings!

On Sunday, I helped Robbie build a birdhouse for all of the sweet little birdies who visit our garden every day!

When we were finished, we found the perfect spot for our birdhouse right outside our living room window! Now we can watch the sweet little birds eat while we read.

JoJo & Jakey Beans
Robbie loves to call his brothers JoJo, ( Joey) and Jakey Beans, ( Jacob). So adorable! I have visions of one day looking at these three grown men and remembering the cute little nick names we had for them, and my heart smiles at the thought.
Joseph Michael
Here is just a fun little video clip of JoJo from the other morning. Please excuse me, I have zero make-up on in the video! :)

 Jacob Jonathan
Jacob has been having a blast with tummy time lately! I put this little musical piano out for him and he just loves it!


On Thursday at the Library, Robbie received a little can of bubbles for participating in the summer reading program. He has been having the best time blowing bubbles with his Daddy in the cool of the evening.

Today is Rich's Birthday!!
Happy 32nd Birthday babe!!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful hubby/ friend 

and Father!

Have a fabulous day and enjoy the simple things in life.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Around Here

Yesterday our Women's Summer Bible Study group met at my house. We have been doing an intense study by Beth Moore on the book of Esther. Yesterday was such a powerful video message! I heard something I REALLY needed to hear and I thought I would pass it on!
The lesson was on FEAR! That dreaded four letter word! We learned that the more we focus on our fears and worries the more the enemy ( Satan), uses those fears to attack us! The enemy is always there to attack us and kick us while we are down! Isn't that the truth! During our study we learned that the moment a fear enters our mind, trust and surrender it to Jesus and move on. Don't let it linger, don't focus on the fear, just give it up to the Lord and trust that he will handle it!
Such a great reminder for me!
We started the Summer Reading Program at our library a few weeks ago!  Robbie, Daddy and me! We have been having such a great time reading together as a family! We are going to head over to the library a little later this morning to log our hours and see what Robbie has earned for the week!
Speaking of silent family reading time, I have to share this cute picture that my friend Aimee shared on her Facebook page of her family reading! Great work Aimee, Angelica and Christian!
We had another swim lesson yesterday, that's lesson number three!! Here are some pics of my little fish with little miss Paige!

I have been trying to increase my milk supply and pumping/ nursing A LOT!!!!!
I have heard that by eating oatmeal, you will be able to increase your milk supply!
I have been enjoying a bowl of oatmeal every day. I have been using a little bit of this to sweeten it up a bit! I am a new fan of organic coconut sugar!
I am spending the better part of today cleaning house. I am so excited because tomorrow night I am having a few girlfriends over for a Friday Night Knitting Party! Have any of you read the book The Friday Night Knitting Club?
Well, I thought it might be fun to get together once a month with some of my close friends of all ages and chat, eat, knit and just enjoy the company of each other! Oh and did I mention there will be tea!!
So tomorrow night is our first official Friday Night Knitting Club! Pictures soon to follow!!
Before I go, I wanted to share this cute little video of Robbie dancing last night to his praise music. Every night before bed, we play this cd and dance around and play instruments and just praise Jesus together as a family! Robbie loves this time and whoever is here at bed time joins in! Last week Auntie Summer and her mommy Auntie Judy joined in. Last night Gigi, Grandpa and the babies joined  us. It is part of our bedtime routine and has become a well loved family ritual!

Have a wonderful Thursday!